Friday, March 1, 2013

Inspired Fridays (11)

Inspired Fridays is hosted by Katie & Krisha @ Inkk Reviews
Being a lover of Pinterest I thought that this would be a fun weekly post to take part in.
Every Friday post a Book inspired DIY, craft, project, or maybe just a really sweet library or book nook. you never know, with it being the weekend, you might just get inspired to start crafting. ~Katie & Krisha
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I am on a pallet board mission. There are so many things that I have found on Pinterest that I was to make with Pallet boards. The possibilities are endless with those things! 
But today I am going to show you something I am going to be doing in each of my kids rooms. 
Tutorial: Erins2centz | Pinterest Pin: Erins2centz
Pallet shelves.
My kids are big on reading.... just like momma!
So, even though it would take so many to hold all of their books. I was thinking about just doing 2 or 3 to hold some of their favorites, and ones we want to read.

What has inspired you this week?


  1. I love the weathered look of these! I always see palettes all over the place, and had no idea they could be used for something so extraordinary!

  2. first off let me say i LOVE you banner for Inspired Friday! soooo awesome! and secondly i love all things pallet boards. have i done any projects myself with them.. well no.. but i want to! i have a crap load of pallet board pins on pinterest! love this one though! ;) Katie



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