Friday, October 5, 2012

Inspired Fridays (2)

Inspired Fridays is hosted by Katie & Krisha @ Inkk Reviews
Being a lover of Pinterest I thought that this would be a fun weekly post to take part in.
Every Friday post a Book inspired DIY, craft, project, or maybe just a really sweet library or book nook. you never know, with it being the weekend, you might just get inspired to start crafting. ~Katie & Krisha

Today I am talking Canvas Paintings
Photo Credit; Pinterest Pin | Tatortots & Jello | Tutorial 
In this tutorial they used magazines. 
Which you could use that or any type of "paper" really. 
But when I made them I used book paper. 
Here are mine that I made. I made them for my parents for Christmas.
& they loved them! I used flat canvases, and then framed them! 

Go {here} for the tutorial.


  1. you are sooo funny, great mind think alike. i was going to put up the same one, but since my phone died, and ll the pictures i had of the things we did were on it, i decided i would have to save that one for another week. i loved this project! it was so much fun, and such a great idea!

  2. Great idea! Looks like it will be fun to do with Macy. Thanks!

  3. You made those? They look really nice :)


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