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The Grimms Diaries Prequels 1-4 by Cameron Jace

I am going to be reviewing all 4 together. There are more to be out soon, but since they are so small I decided to do mini review for each:

Kindle Edition
Print Length: 18 pages
Published: May 29th 2012
Publisher: Cameron Jace
ASIN: B0087HI44W

What if all you knew about fairy tales was wrong?I have always wondered why you never asked about my name. Was I so superficial to you? So stereotypical and mundane? Why did you treat me as if I were just the monster of the week? You know what I think? You never had the time to really hate me. You wanted to hate me, long before you even met me. You wanted to scrape my existence and avenge your childhood princess by laying all blame on me. What if they didn’t call me the Evil Queen, what if I told you the real story from my point of view instead of hers, would you ever think of me as an angel? Could I ever make you care? I know that deep inside of you, you adore me,but you’re just scared, afraid to admit how much you love the Snow White Queen.
My thoughts:
Snow White, Blood Red was very good, for it to be only 18 pages. I really enjoyed it. Everything you thought about Fairy Tales is about to change in this unique spin that Cameron Jace brings. And nothing will ever stay the same, because it can all change every 100 years. Depending on what's written in the sand. 
If you thought you knew the Evil Queen think again. You get a look inside her head. You get to hear her story out of her own mouth. Things are not as they seem. Snow White is not this Disney approved little princess, but she is quite evil. In Snow White, Blood Red you will learn more about the mystery of the Grimm diaries. And it will leave you wondering and wanting to know so much more. 

Kindle Edition
Page Length: 28 pages
Published: May 29th 2012
Publisher: Cameron Jace
ASIN: B0087H2KY2
What if all you knew about fairy tales was wrong?

Seventeen-year-old Alice Grimm lives a dangerously enchanted live. Other than being distracted by a Dreamhunter called Loki Blackstar who has a heart of gold but acts like a jerk, she has a job to do. Being a descendant of the Brothers Grimm, she is one of few in the world who can locate the fairy tale characters and remind them of who they are. This time, Alice flies to Venice where an 800 hundred year old witch's skeleton surrounded with seventeen glass slippers was found by archeologists in the city that invented the art of glassblowing. When Alice and Loki follow the lead, they find one of the fairy tale characters she had been searching for. It's a famous girl character that you know by name, but never really knew what actually happened to her.
My Thoughts: 
In this prequel you meet Loki! I loved having him in the story! He was funny, and I cannot wait to learn more about him in the full length novel.  I love seeing all kinds of new characters, and then seeing how Cameron Jace weaves them together! It is interesting learning more about the Evil Queen. Alice was a good character too. She was on a mission, then she finds one of them! But, who? 
Ashes to Ashes; Cinder to Cinder was a great addition to the Grimm Prequel Diaries! I really enjoyed this one, and I love seeing how the characters are so different then how we know them! It's a dark spin, that keeps you glued on the pages.
Kindle Edition
Page Length: 63 pages
Published: June 20th 2012
Publisher: Cameron Jace

Peter Pan has a plan. Since it's been hundred years since his friends were all cursed by the Brothers Grimm, he is about to wake up Sleeping Beauty, his eternal lover. Oops, you didn't know that. Blame it on the Grimms.
But in the middle of the ceremony, he is visited by the Evil Queen who manipulates him into helping her with information about Snow White. This or she will expose him as he has been secretly kidnapping kids to help him rebuild Neverland in the Dreamworld.
After the deal is made, Peter continues with the ceremony, bringing Sleeping Beauty back into life. What Sleeping Beauty is capable of and who she really is are like nothing ever written in the books.

My Thoughts:
Beauty Never Dies is a little longer then the 2 previous prequel's which I enjoyed. In this prequel you will meet Peter Pan. Of course you know Peter Pan was not in the Grimm Fairy Tales, as others, but I am loving this. It is mysterious, and so addicting. You will be left guessing throughout the whole prequel. Peter is helping the Evil Queen, who need to find some missing items to help her find the Lost Seven. But Peter Pan has other things on his mind. Like waking up his Sleeping Beauty! You will also meet Dracula, who is so hilarious. Dracula in this world was so great to read. How he reacted to things; and his thoughts on this world. Peter needs Dracula; He's the one who can wake up his darling! But when she is finally awake you will be shocked to learn who the Sleeping Beauty is.
Kindle Edition
Page Length: 97 pages
Published: July 21st 2012
Publisher: Cameron Jace
Little Red Riding Hood's untold and true story. Why she was wearing a Red hood. Who her Grandma really was. What the wolf actually wanted. Where she fits in the Dreamworld. And what Ladle Rat Rotten Hut means.
My Thoughts:
Little Red Riding Hood! I loved reading the story from her. When I was a kid this was one of my favorite stories, and I would always switch it up. So it's fun to read it from someone else who has also switched it up, and created this amazing character a worlds. You should read the other prequels, as they do link together in some ways. Ladle was kept from life for so long. Being inside a house her whole life, leaving her clueless and a little annoying! But I understand how that can happen. She has a task now, one she must complete. Her mother sends her to her grandmothers house. Along the way Ladle meets a mysterious boy.. Who has a secret as well. When Ladle finally makes it to her grandmothers house. She finds that there is a wolf in her bed. Although Ladle thinks she is about to die by the wolf,  the story takes another twist, leaving you with a great conclusion to this installment of the prequels.

These Prequels were fun. I cannot wait to read the rest of them. There is going to be 7 of them I believe! Then finally I can get my hands on the full length book Snow White Sorrow (Grimm Diaries #1) Which is set to release October 30th 2012


  1. These sound really interesting. Sounds like there is such a big mixture of different fictional characters. I would love to read them some time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. CRAP! I totally saw Snow White Blood Red a while back and *shame* kinda forgot about it, now I have to read them all!
    Great reviews!


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