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Top Ten Tuesday (8/28)

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This weeks topic is:
Bookish Confessions

1.) I was a Twilight Hater: 
I never read Twilight until... it was about to come out on DVD. I know, weird. But, I was like uhhhh I am not into VAMPIRES like that. This was BEFORE book blogging. My "IRL" friend Angela @ Reading Angel told me time and time again to read them but I thought... "hey, they sound so weird" And to me they did. I had Twilight on my shelf forever. I finally said What the hell, I'm going to read these and hate them. So let's get this started. You have to understand before "book blogging" I read mystery, crime, romance, mafia style murder/revenge/romance. You know. All adult. LOL
So I read that book in oh, 3 hours. Yes. I never read so fast in my life. So then I shut the book. Throw on some flip flops. Grab my purse, and run out the door to Walmart... at 3am! I bought all of them. & devoured them within the next couple days. 

2.) Coupons...& hesitation: 
I think it's ok to buy books when there is a coupon. I will pinch that cart to the $50 or whatever it need to be to get that % or $ off. Then I sit looking at the cart, thinking "Loretta, you really don't need these... I mean look around" Then I will... and I will agree with my good brain and say NO. Then I will log out... log back in, it's a process over and over ... until I just do it. Then my good brain says... "WHY, WHY... " and I just snicker and walk away... mission accomplished.

3.) I am a book talker...
Yeah, I mean my mom can vouch for this... I tend to get into very long drawled out book conversations with people who have no idea what I'm talking about... I'll start talking about something that will remind me of a book, or I would have just finished a book that was amazing and I will tell my mom this REALLY long story, and her reply: "Mmmm hmmm" or "Alrighty Then". 

4.) I hate the Library:
Yes. I'm sorry. I really really do. It's like the place for book abuse. First you must know I am a germ a phobic.... Second I am very anal about taking care of books... I once spilled something on my Breaking Dawn hardcover and about had a panic attack. Literally. IT WAS KOOL-AID. 
So, I tend to freak out when I pick up a book that has been dog eared to death, or has random stains or things that look like they fell out of peoples noses... yeah. Gag me, gross.

5.) Do not Disturb:
Music: No. Talking: No. TV: No. 
When I read I do not like to have conversations, or watch tv, or have slow Beethoven music playing. It's distracting. & if I'm distracted I can't focus on the book and I tend to not read and do something else, or I get really aggravated. It's does not have to be SO QUIET, but I like my reading area to be noiseless... or I will take my gun shooting ear plugs and put them in!!!!!!!!!!!! 

6.) Make up names:
If I have a book that the name is freaking off the wall... (Usually in HIGH FANTASY, like omg) I make a name up. Yes. If the name is something like... (& yes I am making this up) Ikeashiyua. I am going to call you Ikea. Because I can say that. So sometimes I tend to give characters my own names. Or I shorten worlds, blah blah because really... I can't sit there and pronounce that.. so maybe think about making names a little easier... GOSH! 

7.) Grammar... huh?
So I am not that "proper". Spelling and all that is not my cup of tea. I love reading, I am very smart at times. hehe, but when it comes to using the right (insert word) when it needs to be used.. well don't ask me because I am not sure. I will try my best & I usually ask my husband "Which (their, there, they're) should I use... I mean really I think one word should have one meaning because omg. REALLY confusing to me. 
So for me writing reviews takes time, and I give up often.

8.) I have rules:
When someone borrows a book, I have guidelines... Yeah!
I will even supply you with a bookmark... to insure you do not dog ear my pages... There are a FEW people I know who I let borrow books. All my books look NEW even after they have been read... besides a FEW from my jr. high / high school days... & that's because when they were given to me they was not new. 

9.) My Mission:
I find myself pushing books on people who DON'T read. My mom does not like to read. I have got her to read 2 books. She has #3... which she has not read... since NOVEMBER... but that's ok.. NOT! ;-)
I read so much when my dad stayed with us, he started reading & read and really enjoyed Twilight.. & bought the other books... + I bought him The Hunger Games. But my Best Friend I cannot seem to break and it aggravates me so bad. I will break her one day. 

10.) To Serious:
I take my blog to serious at time & I have to take a step back from it. Whether I didn't get any comments on a post, or I didn't get anything posted in days I get a little upset. I take it personally and feel at that moment "Blog Failure" when in reality I know that it's not. 


  1. I definitely agree with you about the whole stain/dog-eared thing. It really bothers me! I can't even stand reading a hardcover with the dust jacket on. I'm in fear of getting something on it or messing it up!

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  2. My parents have always been readers and my mom has always read adult fantasy. But since I started reading YA she now has a stack of books on my bookshelf that I've chosen for her to read next, haha! She'll come to me and say, "Ok, what am I reading next?" She loves almost everything I pick out for her! Awesome confessions :) My TTT:

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  3. Not a huge fan of libraries either, in fact it's probably been at least 12 years since I borrowed from a library. If I want to read a book I want to read it when it's NEW and SHINY!

    I'm forever trying to convince my boyfriend to read, but after nearly 5 years I've not even got him through ONE book *sigh*

  4. haha love your book confessions a lot of them are so similar to things I do myself!! Thanks for sharing.... I've been trying to convince my husband for the seven years we've been together but to no avail!!

  5. I am a seirous book pusher, too.

  6. I do your #10, too, Loretta! And I SO know what you mean about talking (too) much about books. I do that ALL the time!

    My Top Ten

  7. Im not a fan of the library or secondhand book shops either - for that very reason!!! People seem to think if you love books/reading you must love smelly secondhand bookshops. Umm no thank you. ! have no idea where its been! lol! Glad to see Im not alone in this!

    Here are my bookish confessions!

  8. I am a noiseless reader also. I hate when my boyfriend wants to watch TV while I am reading, it distracts me way too much and I just want to be left alone to read. Great confessions, here's mine: http://whatsontheshelf.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/top-ten-tuesday-20/

  9. I think up easier to pronounce or shorter names too!

    Don't be so hard on yourself. Blogging needs to remain fun!

  10. Oh, gosh! You're almost exaactly like me when it comes to lending books to others and how well I take care of them. I cried when my cats tore apart this book jacket. ;D Seriously. And I'm so particular with who I give them to and all, too. And I push books on people, too! My mom is now on book #2 and my sister is on #3. So proud of them ;D
    Loved learning all your little quirks!

  11. I loved your book confessions! I don't mind going to the library. I do feel bad for the books that have been through alot. I'm not good with spelling either. I love spell check!! I don't lend out my books. A few years ago, I was in middle school I let a friend borrow my one Harry Potter book, the cover was ripped off the spine. Learned my lesson and no one's borrowed my books since. I will gladly tell them the name of the book and the author. And I totally understand #10, I'm still learning about book blogging.

  12. OMG! I am a wicked germaphobic too. I got a library card just so I could get books and audiobooks from the digital library. I have taken out 2 books I think ever only because they didn't have them in the digital library. I get books for the kiddo, but use massive amounts of hand sanitizer and make her wash like ten times after touching them Lol!! I also can't listen to music or watch tv or anything while I read. I get distracted really easily. And hubs can't stand listening to me talk about books. I get a bit over excited! Haha!

  13. Now I wish I did this feature just so I could answer these questions. I have rules when people borrow my books too! The book actually goes in a big ziploc bag for protection from water, spills, etc while they carry it around. They can take the book out of the bag to read it, only after having washed their hands, and then put it back in the bag when they are not reading it. lol maybe this is why even Johnny is afraid to borrow my books.

    I hate noises when I'm reading as well. I remember one time there was a big game on back when Harry Potter number 4 was barely out and I was trying to read it and everyone in the house was yelling at the tv so I went in there and threw my 800+ page book across the room at them. I was so pissed that I couldn't lose myself in the world of Harry Potter, which you still need to read!!!!!


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