Monday, August 27, 2012

Q&A With Between The Pages: Featuring Books With Cass

As you all know Between The Pages has decided to start doing Book Blogger Interviews. I ran this by Cassie, and since she was so nice to listen to me ramble about it, I asked her. & I was so shocked she agreed. *hehe*
But here we go guys.  My very first Blogger Interview & It's Virtual. 
If you are interested in being Interviewed go HERE, and fill out this form! 
Starting today, and then every other week I will be featuring one amazing blogger. 
Please know I will be going down the list as people signed up. If you are on the list to be featured I will email you 2 WEEKS before your date, so we can get everything set up. 

Hope you enjoy!

Go meet Cassie @ Books With Cass
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  1. Love Love Love this! It's great to meet the other great bloggers out there and allow them to share the stories, likes, loves and book rec's! It also gives me more fantastic bloggers like Cassie @ Books With Cass to follow!

    Thanks for this I look forward to more interviews and also get to look forward to another bloggers awesome reviews!

  2. That was great :) I love finding new blogs to stalk... I mean follow lol. Looking forward to your future interviews.

  3. oh dear now I'm really going to have to prepare myself for those tough one answer questions! It is always so hard to pick just one book out! I love how Cassie cheated though and I might do the same. :)

    Thanks to Cassie for showing off a little more about herself! I really need to send her an email!

  4. This is an awesome idea! Cassie, I can't believe you've never read Harry Potter, I figured that was one series everyone has read.

    Also, I'm totally guilty of dog-earing pages. I know, I know, I suck.


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