Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let's Talk Covers: WTF Edition (8/16)

Let's talk covers is just a little thing I like to do from time to time to show book covers. Sometimes I might have a theme (ex: Zombies, dresses) And then sometimes I might just have covers I'm really loving right now, or new releases. 

Today I am showing WTF covers.
You know, the covers you see that make you think "WTF" is this.

Hmmm... this is quite disturbing.. Why is she lovin on a bear...? Ok then!
They are taking Beauty & the Beast WAY WAY to far.

Strange... just strange.

Odd John.... even ODDER cover.... eek
That chick back there is freaking odd as well.

I.Can't.Stop.Laughing. WHAT THE HELL??? ha!
Ashley, I better not see this on your shelf. Like, Ever.

Well, I'm not even saying what I think when I see this cover!!

WHAT. THE. FUDGE? Oh my... bad. Just bad.
Dude has a big heart between his legs.... uh, that's just... freaking weird.

Have you seen some WTF covers? Tell me, I want to know some covers you have seen that make you stop and go.... "huh? WTF"


  1. reallly really strange and weird. the racoon monsters are funny

  2. Something is seriously wrong with these covers. Especially the Odd John one. I totally agree!

  3. Who comes up with these covers? Do you wake up one morning and think: hey, let's make a cover with a girl that's hugging a bear. And than put an even weirder title upon it and were done!
    Seriously I don't get it...
    Great post!

  4. Oh....oh my. Um....
    Haha wow. Just wow. (And lmao to the raccoon/bunny one)

  5. Oh, my sweet. Zombie Raccoons about KILLED me! LOL. WTF, indeed.

  6. Well, to be fair, the girl does have relations with a bear in that book.

  7. BEST.POST.ALL.WEEK. ok maybe all month!! thanks for sharing it!

  8. lol oh wow! I am pretty sure the tender morsels book has bestiality in it, im not sure but I guess that explains the cover. *shrugs* lol Odd John is freaking me out a little. and that cover for bridget jones i only think of one thing. and im pretty sure your site is YA so I'll just say "glory"

  9. Oh my.... those were disturbing and hilarious! I'm not sure which one is the worst. What a fun post!

  10. Tender Morsels is actually a really good read!

  11. UMM.....Ok.....I get why this is called the WTF edition O_O LOL, thanks for sharing Loretta, I needed a good laugh ;D

    Chocolate Coated Reviews

  12. I've never seen these covers but WTF indeed. Just wow lol

  13. LMAO!! Those are definitely some WTF covers!! Haha!! This has totally made my day!

  14. Wow -- some of those are just ... bad. That zombie racoons one was pretty funny!

    Thanks for sharing!


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