Friday, August 24, 2012

Between Bookish Time Warp (8)

Between Bookish Time Warp is where Ashley @ The Bookish Brunette & I shamelessly flaunt the other’s awesome all over the blogophere, flash any other super awesome posts, giveaways, or random whatever by other bloggers (or authors!) we’ve come across during the week, and possibly talk about the books we plan on reading in the coming week.
Somethings are happening in my life; Goals are being achieved;
Do you know how good that feels?
 Between The Pages Weekly Recap: 
♥ I stacked my shelves up MORE. Where am I going to put all these books?! Stacking The Shelves (9)
♥ New cover Reveals for The Vampire Bride Series by Rhiannon Frater | & they are so freaking awesome. 
♥ Top Ten Tuesday where I show you some of my Favorite books I've read since I have started Between The Pages. That was a hard one.. and I even added 5 more.. 
♥ I was and still am WAITING on this book by Jennifer E. Smith
♥ Blogger Interviews: This was a big hit on my "Blogger Survey" in the "Things you want to see on BTP" part. So I am going to give it a shot. Go here for DETAILS, and sign up if you wish!
My Zombie Loving Stiletto Rocking Sister in Arms:
♥ Ashley showed you The Vampire Bride new covers as well.
♥ Ashley reviewed Girl Of Nightmares by Kendare Blake | It was a 4 stiletto hit for her, but trust me compared to Anna it had a lot to live up to! Still 4 is a good rating!
♥ Mandee; one of Ashley's amazing partners, reviewed Unloveable by Sherry Gammon
♥ Ashley revealed the cover to; The Zombie Always Knocks Twice by E. Van Lowe
♥ Amazing review for Dante's Girl by Courtney Cole

In the Land of Brunette..

You know how last week school started for my son? Well my little baby is in school now as well. Oh the first day broke my heart more then I ever thought it would. She rode the bus with her brother. & the fact that buses make me a nervous wreck, my kids want to ride them. But just when I think all is well, the bus pulls up & she is so so so excited. She goes to get on the bus, and stops. I am thinking she is freaking out, and she will want to go home. But no, she turns around & says "I love you mommy, have a good day" waves, and gets on the bus. So I am walking down the road a horrible mess of tears. Yeah. it was bad. But it also makes me feel good that she felt the need to tell me that, because it helped & didn't all at the same time. POINT IS, Lilah is now in school and I have no Idea what to do with all this quiet time. Ok I do, clean... study.... read... schedule blog posts... yadda yadda!! 
Ashley always knows JUST how to cheer me up. She sent me a package of awesome and when I got home and found it on my porch, I was very very happy. No guessing who it came from either!
I bought way to much nail polish this week. Yeah.. if you seen my picture on Twitter you know, I have ENOUGH. 
Blogosphere Awesome
Search Terms
~Between Pages Blog: Yes yes, that's me!
~Free Page Break Design: I swear. This is annoying. None of MY THINGS ARE FREEEEEEEEEE
~Kindle Books: I read them occasionally. =D
~Blogger Interviews: I will be doing those SOOOON!
~Throne of Glass Review: Loved, Loved, Loved this book so much!
Books Read This Week:
Original content & concept by Amanda @ On a Book Bender & Tara @ 25 Hour Books... Ripped off & corrupted by Ashley @ The Bookish Brunette & Loretta @ Between the Pages!


  1. Thanks for keeping me in the know!

  2. Great week!! The story about your little girl getting on the bus is so sweet. I loved The Wild Ones. I hope you enjoy it too.

  3. Love this feature on your blog! Your kids are just adorable! My youngest starts full time school in September ( thankfully we don't have school buses here or I would be a wreck!) but Im gonna do nothing but cry fr a while n I am gonna av noting to do all day.

    I'm awaiting one more thing and I will be sending your parcel :)

    What is the search terms thing about?

    I am also addicted to nail polish, I have hundreds lol and still buy more haha



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