Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Lilah

Today is my daughter Lilah's Birthday! 
I cannot believe that she is ALREADY 4 years old. 
Time really does fly by. 
She is something else. When I say that I mean wow.
SHE keeps mommy very VERY busy. 
But she is such a joy. 
(when she's sleeping)
This child NEVER slows down. And her outside toy of
choice? Basketball. 

On this past 4th of July this was Lilah's 1st time at HOLDING this sparklers. As you can see she was leery of it. She was like TAKE THE PICTURE MOM THIS IS ON FIRE.

Then we told her to "Wave" it around... and well.. she "waves" at it =D

Silly girl.
(pictures of that below)

Happy 4th Birthday Lilah Amor
Mommy, Daddy & Landon love you tremendously. 


  1. aww she is precious!! Happy birthday to her, I hope you all have fun for many more years to come :D

  2. What a cutie!! Happy Birthday to Lilah!!

  3. What a lovely little girl! You are so blessed to have such a precious little family, and I hope you all the best over the coming years.

    Also, your children have such lovely names- you're good at choosing 'em ;)

    Happy birthday Lilah! :)

  4. Happy birthday to her! She's such a cutie:))

  5. Aw she's absolutely adorable; happy birthday to her :)! I just found your blog and will definitely be following it from now on!

  6. Loretta she's precious! Happy birthday to her! :-D I hope you had a good time celebrating!! xoxo! <3 Cass


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