Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Books we Pine For, Buy, & Don't Read (2)

Hey guys I am back again for ANOTHER
The Books we Pine For, Buy & Don't read
This is a little monthly thing I am doing here @ Between The Pages
Feel free to do this as well if you would like.
Link me up if you do so I can help you pick! 

Here are the books for this month:

And in the form I totally mean August book. 


  1. Well you KNOW what book I picked!! :P

  2. This was a difficult choice, they're all great! I'm curious to what you'll be reading!

  3. Those are all pretty great choices. Can't wait to see what book wins!!

  4. I haven't read any of these either, but aside from Harry Potter, I hear Nightshade is pretty good.

  5. I think these are all on my tbr list except for Harry Potter since I have read that one already. Whichever one you end up reading I hope you enjoy it.

  6. I've only read HP and The Host, and the latter has a whole lotta pages, lol! I have Hex Hall and Nightshade too - if one of those two wins, I'll read it too ;)

  7. I didn't bother looking at all the picks. I picked one that will lead you down a path to an epic story. I hope you enjoy whatever book does win!

  8. Harry Potter, without a doubt. :P Have been trying to talk you into reading it forever now. Just got to wait and see if it wins... haha. xD

  9. Wait what was the July winning book!!!???

    I feel like I'm so disconnected with the blogging world.

    *goes to corner to hide in shame for not keeping up with blogging friends*


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