Friday, July 6, 2012

Between Bookish Time Warp (1)

You want to know what happened? Ashley @ The Bookish Brunette came up with a BRILLIANT idea. Here are "her" exact words so you can know what is going on. I just love her mind, and I am so giddy she included me!
From the Ashley (AKA The Zombie Queen):

So guess what happen? During Zombie Craze, I totally wanted to start doing Clock Rewinders On a Book Binge
I know, EPIC idea right? Then I hear that they’re not going to do it anymore… Then I hear they are… Then I hear someone said this, who said THAT and, OH DEAR LORD save me now… I mean really.
Then I pop on over to check things out for myself… and remember how lazy I am and going through 64 posts to find the one I’m looking for seems like an extremely daunting task. Then I’m faced with a dilemma… To Do Clock Rewinders or To NOT Do Clock Rewinders??? OMG. This is all far too much thinking for me… Then it hits me! My chick Amanda isn’t so much the “keep it to yourself” type… if she didn’t want me posting it, surely I’d know soon after my post went live!
Ugh. Again, far too much THINKING on my behalf! THEN lightening strikes, light bulb flashes… shhhhyea it did dude. I’ll just do my own thing with my own blogging BFF Loretta from Between the Pages! I mean the Mission Statement of Clock Rewinders On a Book Binge is:
Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge is where Tara @ 25 Hour Books and I shamelessly plug each other, share the fantastic posts, giveaways, or whatever else we’ve found and loved by other awesome bloggers (or authors!) during the week, and talk about the books we plan on reading in the coming week.
So, rather than deal with the big to-do of THINKING and such… I’ll just totally thieve their idea, change the name and (of course) credit their happy asses every week. Right? I tell you… Not JUST a pretty face right here!
And so… was born the “Clock Rewinders On a Book Binge” *spoof* called:
Between Bookish Time Warp
Between Bookish Time Warp is where Loretta @ Between the Pages & I shamelessly flaunt the other’s awesome all over the blogophere, flash any other super awesome posts, giveaways, or random whatever by other bloggers (or authors!) we’ve come across during the week, and possibly talk about the books we plan on reading in thecoming week.
  • Well, I am still studying!! Story of MY LIFE lately. But, the test is THIS MONTH. This "freaking" month.
  • I am totally hosting The Verse Challenge of awesome with Angela @ Reading Angel. You should sign up. 
  • I signed up for the Fairy Metal Thunder Read-A-Long. The 1st book is FREE for the Kindle. So grab it and join in on the fun. 
Between The Pages Weekly Recap:
Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry |This book was amazing and you all should read it!! Now!
Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson | I was hoping for more out of this book, but maybe if you read it you will love it.
The Verse Challenge has started & July's post is up & ready for you reviews! 
Married With Zombies Read-A-Long was a blast. & we had our LAST post this week.
Stacking The Shelves (4) | Where I show you awesome books & Tell you about a storm that scared the shit out of me.
Fairy Metal Thunder Read-A-Long | I signed up. You should go do that too!
JULY book results for: Books we pine for, Buy, & DON'T read.
Top Ten Tuesday | Characters that remind me of people I know, or myself!

My Zombie Loving Stiletto Rocking Sister in Arms:
Ashley took her little ones to see BRAVE too! Yes, we are so awesome we do the same shit. Really ;)
Ashley was thinking too hard, so it lead to this awesome post I could not agree with more!
Have you seen the cover reveal to SEVER!? Oh my god it's awesome. I need to read FEVER like, yesterday!

In the Land of Brunette...
~Me and my little lady went to see BRAVE this week. It was her 1st movie, and that was rather interesting. But, I think she enjoyed it & she loves telling everyone about it. Mommy loved it as well.

~We celebrated the 4th of July. I got to spend the whole day with my little lovies.

~I have just been studying and trying to stay on top of reading + the blog + my house + ALL the fun summer activities. *phew* This brunette is TIRED! Really!! Someone want to come rescue me? I think I am going to move to the land of OZ with my fellow brunette!! Don't tell anyone where the hell I am either!! =D
Blogosphere Awesome
    BB Book Tours
    • Margie started "Grown Up Sundays" which is really cool!! 
    • Ashley has BB Book Tours which is OF COURSE Epic.
    • Exiled by M. R. Merrick turned 1 & he is having a giveaway that ends in 2 days so go enter to win!
    • Alexa @ Pages of Forbidden Love reviewed Darkness Before Dawn by J. A. London
    • Angela, Candace & Lori are hosting the Once Upon a Time Read-A-Thon which starts Monday. Come back here for a Mini Challenge Monday July 9th to win some books. Sign ups are still open so check that out {Here}
    Search Terms
    Verse books~ Yes. Love them. Hosting a Verse Challenge. Go sign up.
    page break~ WTF is it with this page break shit.
    Graphic Novels~ I love them. I think they are bad ass.

    Brunette holding Zombies or Gun~ This is hilarious. Thanks to the Married With Zombies read-a-long. 
    tempting the best man~ Great book! Hot & steamy adult book by J. Lynn who is Jennifer Armentrout!!
    tuesday quotes~ I loved that week on Top Ten Tuesday! That's me! Holla!
    Pages between Loretta blonde~ No, I am no blonde, sorry! ha!
    Between The Pages book boys~ Well I have quite a few I drool over adore!
    Between the pages on videos~ Yeah. I am on BOOKISH videos... let's make that clear. ;)
    Original content & concept by Amanda @ On a Book Bender & Tara @ 25 Hour Books… Ripped off & corrupted by Loretta @ Between the Pages & Ashley @ The Bookish Brunette!
    OF COURSE, this is meant to be funny, and I did show this to Amanda first! But Ashley & I are planning to do this regularly! 
    With FULL credit to Amanda & Tara every week!


    1. SO IN! Love this. And both of you of course! :-D Waiting on a graphic and then it to BLOW UP and see it all over, lol- since its u and Ashley doing it ;)

    2. DUDE! I didn't even realize we could totally use the EXACT same wordage describing each other AND ourselves!!!!! Because we are EPIC!!! :D

    3. I am loving this post! SO fun and informative!
      And thanks for the shout out toooo :)


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