Friday, July 20, 2012

Between Bookish Time Warp (3)

Between Bookish Time Warp is where Ashley @ The Bookish Brunette & I shamelessly flaunt the other’s awesome all over the blogophere, flash any other super awesome posts, giveaways, or random whatever by other bloggers (or authors!) we’ve come across during the week, and possibly talk about the books we plan on reading in the coming week.
Between the Pages
Between The Pages will be 2 Years Old in 11 DAYS! How freaking awesome. 
I just want to say a quick thanks to you all. & here is to hoping I can get something planned up, to celebrate with you guys!!
I've been M.I.A
*I'm Moving*
 Between The Pages Weekly Recap:

My Zombie Loving Stiletto Rocking Sister in Arms:

Ashley talked about some very interesting and TRUE things this week in her BB Thinking To Hard post. She actually has 2 parts this week. And I tell you right now, everything she said NEEDED to be said. & she lays it all out there.
Taking no prisoners.  

In the Land of Brunette..

Moving, moving, moving.. What more can I say.

I have not had time to read, and when I do my mind does not want to. I have never not really ever "not" wanted to read. But lately I have not.
Study, study, study. This is the majority of reading that I have been doing lately. To say "I'm sick of it" would be an understatement. Seeing as how I had to move my test due to the move. It will be sometime in August before I take it. I am just ready to be DONE moving & DONE studying. Then I will be working.... so.... *hectic*  
Took the kids to see Ice Age: Continental Drift. They enjoyed that. Lilah did better then she did the 1st time. I think having her brother there 2 helped. 

Blogosphere Awesome

  • On July 22nd be sure to come back here for Jenny's 2nd Birthday Celebration. There will be a big giveaway, and you will have 6 chances to win the whole series SIGNED! There will be 6 other blogs participating. So be sure to check that on on the 22nd & Get Infected.
  • Cass @ Books With Cass had an awesome idea for a challenge. Fall Into Autumn Reading Challenge. Which sounds like it is going to be super fun. & of course I am a host! Mine is up today as well so check that out {Here}
  • Book Savvy Babe is looking for an Associate Reviewer: If you are interested go {Here}
  • Author Rhiannon Frater talks about "Why Reviews are Important
  • Para Junkee talks about: Book Blogging 101: ARCs & Greedy Bloggers
Search Terms
Imaginary Girls spoilers: why would anyone want a spoiler!? & this book... was nothing fancy. For me.
Group Coaching: uhhhh huh? What? Idk.
"pushing the limits" giveaway: Yes I am having one right now! Go enter. 
mocking jay review: Well that book was a complete LET DOWN. 
how many pages is Tiger Lily: 292 =D
Loretta Lynn: That's me. Unless you was looking up the famous one.. and then.. well I am not her.. obviously! =D
Original content & concept by Amanda @ On a Book Bender & Tara @ 25 Hour Books... Ripped off & corrupted by Ashley @ The Bookish Brunette & Loretta @ Between the Pages!

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  1. We're super awesome... What can I say?

    If I was there I would totally help you pack! Or be in the way a lot. Or just talk you into procrastinating and drinking instead. ;)



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