Friday, June 22, 2012

Married With Zombies Read-A-Long: Week 4

Hey guys. Sorry this is a tad late. HECTIC week + I have felt crappy for almost 2 days now. Although I am feeling much better, again sorry this is a little late. At least it is STILL FRIDAY THOUGH! =D
Hope you are enjoying the book.

1.) In chapter 16 David and Sarah are attacked by freezer zombies in chef attire. Despite its rotten food and disgusting kitchen, lets think about what it could of been before the attack, give me a picture of your dream kitchen or a pic of you cooking your favorite food in your own kitchen... or both. 
I love the "look" of this kitchen. I am not that great, of a cook, but I think in this Kitchen I would actually do some good ass cooking. haha

2.) In Chapter 16, David winds up killing those freezer zombies with a blank show me your best one....and yes it must be yours.
My house is loaded down with weapons.
Never know, what you may have to do. 

3.) In Chapter 17 David and Sarah find themselves with some cult like people and wind up trapped. How would you escape? Ropes? me your best. 
I would throw my bed mattress out the window & HOPED to God I landed on it, because my ass would JUMP.
**Or break the bead posts, and stab them... either way I'm getting the hell away from the freaky ass cult people.

4.) In Chapter 19 David and Sarah find a surprise in the car they the midst of crazy its a nice welcome. Now whip me up your favorite one and can include recipes!!
I love this. But I also love MILLER LIGHT.
But my FAVORITE mixed drink is simple!
This is SOOOO good w/Vanilla Coke!
  • 1 1/2 oz Captain Morgan® Original spiced rum
  • 4 1/2 oz Coca-Cola® **OR** Vanilla Coke =D
5.) In chapter 20, Sarah gets to kill a zombie with a cash register, bringing back memories of her worst retail job tell me whats the worst job you've had......if you can include pictures in your uniform I will die laughing.....or a picture of the place you worked.
OMG. 1st JOB. I was 16. I worked in the SHOE department @ Kmart. 
I loved that part. HATED the work part. It being my 1st job, and ME not loving people boss me around,
I hated it. I only wanted to try on shoes, and get paid.
After, ummm 4 months of this whack job, where people were rude, and always bugging me. I quit, on a post-it at that. 
* I was a bratty-ass BITCHY TEEN *

I hope you all are ENJOYING THE BOOK!!


  1. Glad that I'm not the only one who has plenty of weapons in the house. Going weapon-shopping is one of my favorite kinds of shopping!

    Also, love that kitchen, and your mattress idea is BRILLIANT. Probably would have been safer than their blanket idea, lol.

  2. I thought about using the mattress, but I know I'd either jump short or overshoot. Not good... :)

    Those are some bad arse weapons! Remind me to stay on the good side of you. ;)

  3. Hello! Throwing the mattress out the window is kind of brilliant. Though I bet I wouldn't be able to land on it. LOL

    You are so fierce with that sword. No zombie in his right mind would come after you.

  4. I absolutely LOVE these posts that you do, it just shows your imagination and i think you are brave n confident to do the posing ones, but it's definitely adds some attitude to the post xxx


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