Friday, June 15, 2012

Married With Zombie Read-A-Long: Week 3


1.) In Chapter 11 Sarah, Dave & Amanda were rushed by 4 zombies. At this time Sarah screams something.
SHOW ME YOURS!! Don't have one? That is ok, show me what you would grab outside to protect your self!!
Yes. MY weapons have bio-hazard signs on them. They are approved to KILL ZOMBIES!!

2.) At the end of Chapter 12 they are saved by someone looking very "Underworld" awesome. Let me see your best "Slay em' Gear"
Don't want to model your outfit? That is ok, lay it out.. don't forget to add your weapons!!

Yeah. I would kill zombies in this. I would probably loose the shoes AFTER I realized this is not.. going to "work" but who the hell cares! It's hot!!

3.) Near the end of Chapter 13 Sarah finds something under the seat to help Dave, that she saved for whenever the need gave in. What was it? "Strike" your best pose!
*Burn Baby*

4.) Nothing very "action pic" happens in Chapters 14 & 15. So this is where you can show me what car you would pic to ride around town, trying to survive. This can totally be a "Google" pic or you can go find one!! Think outside the box!

*This is my KICK ASS car. Would it be at a CAR LOT? Probably not, but this is my fantasy!! 

5.) How are you enjoying the book so FAR?!!!
LOVING IT. This book is funny as hell, and the characters ROCK!


  1. DANG GIRL!!! You keep being so sexy you're going to end up with a stalker!! rawr!!! ;)

  2. You are super-prepared for the zombie apocalypse!

  3. Girl! You look amazing! The zombies should run from you! Bio hazard symbols on your guns and all! Spectacular post and pics! I think you rocked it!

  4. You're right, it's totally hot and worth it. I was thinking in my head (when I took my pics) I have no freaking stilettos....but, I'll probably be in tennis shoes anyway. Then I argued with myself that the heels would be better for fighting but maybe not so much my balance. I'm currently at a mindless standstill. HAHA!!

    I love the bio hazard symbols, seriously! And you look fierce. That knife is freaking awesome. And seriously, LOVE THAT CAR! ZA here we come!

  5. I think you are ready. Just add zombies.

  6. I love it! I am SO going down when the zombie apocalypse hits. You look bad @ss and ready. You are SO going to survive! :)

  7. Loretta... you look super killer in that slayer gear, those boots alone could take out some zombie eyeballs...:D And that car is awesome, but still cant beat my unicat, Id have to come pick you all up....LOL.

  8. Damn- looking zombie slayer prepared!
    Those shoes alone could do some damage!
    We had practically the same idea about the car. I wanna run some zombies over with that!

  9. Oh man, if the zombie apocalypse happens, I am going to stick with you LOL! Love the zombie slaying outfit. You look so badass. Those boots alone will crush some skulls. Love the bio hazard guns, Very appropriate LOL! Incredible post hon, thanks for the post :)

  10. Oh wow! That's one sweet pistol. I will be drawing from your arms room....and shopping in your closet...and ramshaking your garage. LOL! Great post this week.

  11. Wow, that's one bad-ass end of the world outfit! Love the shoes especially, even if running in them would be suicide, lol :-)

  12. Holy Wow, Loretta! You are so HOT! Those boots are killer; keep them as long as you can because they look like they'd be your best weapon.


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