Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Books we PINE for, BUY & DON'T Read (1)

Hey guys! This is a little something new that I am going to be trying. 
I will be doing this Monthly 
And the point of this is to help me get some of these amazing (of so I have heard) books read!!

Here are the books you can choose from:

Thank you!!


  1. I have basically the same ones waiting on me as well so your NOT alone! The only one I had actually read of the ones above was A Touch Mortal so I picked it and I did enjoy it!

  2. Graceling! Oh, you have to read it! It's one of my fave books ever, and I'm not really into high-fantasy type books, lol, so for me to say this, I truly did enjoy it and highly recommend it :)

  3. So glad I am not the only one who does this. LOL I have so many I wanted so bad but still have not gotten to, months later! :)

  4. I own all of these as well and the only one I've read is Nightshade so if you need a reading buddy for the winning book in July let me know and I'll read the book with you chica!

  5. I'm sorry to say that I haven't got round to reading any of these either! I have 2 copies of graceling!
    Think I would choose 'beautiful creatures' though. I might even try and read it too! :)

  6. My wife just Nightshade and she really enjoyed it! You should definitely take the time to read the books YOU want. That's kind of why you got into all this in the first place, right? Great idea!

  7. Tough choice. I have not read any of them but they all look like they would be good.

  8. great idea hun! Wow difficult choice! I have to say i am the same when it comes to buying books. This way you will get through some Loretta :) xx

  9. THIS is the story of my life.
    I vote for Graveling!

  10. Gah!! I do this WAY to often!!! Btw you look GREAT!! Happy reading!!

  11. The only one of them I've read is Beautiful Creatures, and I loved it :D I wrote a review of it on my blog also, but whatever you decide to read... I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

  12. I have beautiful creatures , nightshade ( all 3) and never more an I haven't read any of them yet... I want to try to read the nightshade trilogy during the summer tho. I vote for never more just cuz I like Poe and I wanna read it

  13. I did this a couple months ago and it's really great! Much more fun than a random generator pick, for sure!

    I voted for Nightshade and I totally agree with you about the covers.

    Hope you enjoy whichever one wins!

  14. you have to read Beautiful Creatures! It's brilliant!x

  15. This is a great idea, I have so many that I need to read that are just sitting on my shelf. Do you mind if others do this and use your sticker and give you credit for the idea?

    I picked Graceling b/c its one that I am dying to read and its sitting on my shelf. I might end up reading it in July as well!!!

    1. That would be great!! =D I would not mind at all. Anything to help people read their books ;)


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