Saturday, July 14, 2012

BLOG PAUSE + update

So you all know how I am on a sorta kinda BLOG PAUSE.
It has become rather ... extended.
On July 11th, we decided to move. We found a nice house, and we really want out of these townhouses, and out of this area.
So from now until AUG 1st I will be moving. I had to reschedule my test for the middle of AUG.
This is a good thing, not the NOT resting part, but moving on. Making moves, hoping for the best.
Stay with me. Things around Between The Pages, will be here of course. Just maybe NO every day!
LOVE YOU ALL, and thank you all for your kind words!!

Yes, this is me right now. 
And it has to stop for a little while.
As you all know I am in the middle of studying for my BIG test. 
Finally the time is here, and even tough I have been staying on the studying here and there, I need to take these next few weeks and 
I have so much I need to refresh on, and some new drugs that have been added to the national drug lists this year to learn, just in CASE they are on this test. 
I have been trying to keep up on the reading, and as that has been a good thing I AM 14 REVIEWS behind. Not from reading, from writing. I have to get them typed up. Soon. I am taking one day to write them, get them scheduled, and get some more things for throughout JULY scheduled. Then I am walking away.
Yes, things for you to read will still be on the blog, and I will be in and out on Twitter. BUT I AM DOING nothing else. 
I need to concentrate on this. 
Although I love blogging, RIGHT NOW, I cannot. I feel like I am in 100000 places at one time... and I do not need to feel like that, ever. 
But, right now... this is the time FOR ME. To complete something I have worked so HARD for.
I have over come a lot in my life, taken a lot of steps to BECOME SOMETHING
NOT because I feel if you are not "something" other then a mother you are NOTHING!
HELL NO. I do not think this. 
I love being a stay at home mom. But I want more for ME.
Even if I do not work, it feels good knowing I can. I could. 
And I would not have to do retail. or something like that, you know. 
This is a personal accomplishment. 
One I never thought I could do.
But you know what. Sometimes I get distracted.
By this lovely blog.
By FEELING AS IF I am letting YOU all down, if I am not "blogging" or "reading"
What about how I feel?
I hope that within this month or so hiatus you are still here. 
I know some of you will be. 
And that means a lot. 
So right now I am hitting it.
For July:
I will not have BIG TBR.
I will be reading but possibly WAY less then ever.
1-3 books. 1 will be for a Tour.
I will finish all of my planned tours, and the rest of the month read-a-long
I will have The Verse Challenge post
And regular MEME's and REVIEWS are scheduled, for the most part. I have a little more to do.
After my test at the END of JULY- VERY EARLY AUG, I will be back. REGULARLY. 
But if there are DAYS where there is no post, please be patient and know I am sitting at my desk learning drugs that are (___________________________) this long and pharmacy law, that is the MOST CRAZIEST jumble of words ;)
I would like to be reading about paranormal creatures, sexy men, kick ass heroins. But, alas I will be reading more about drugs, laws, doing pharmacy math, and all that interesting stuff!!

Thank you to ALL OF YOU. I hope you are still here while I am gone....
Starting in 

See you soon. 


  1. Good luck with your exam, Loretta! Dream big. :)

  2. It is SO important to be able to take time for yourself, so I'm glad to see that you are finding ways to reduce stress! I'm sure all your readers will be supportive, and still be here when you get back. GOOD LUCK on your exam!!! I'm sure you'll do great Loretta!

  3. Loretta, I love you so much. Of COURSE we will be here when you get back. I wish you the best, girl. I know you can do it. This is so important, so you go on and take that break. Come back when you have passed that test and you will be a much happier person. I know it. Dreams mean something. It's wonderful that you are doing something to pursue yours. <3

  4. good luck with your test. I'm sure we will all be here when you get back ready to throw you a huge party =o)

  5. Not going anywhere Girl! You deserve this! You know that, and I'm proud that you realized what you need to do to succeed. :-D


  6. Good luck on your big test! You can do it. I'll be here when you get back.

  7. Take care of yourself at this time. You have a great attitude! Go you!

  8. Good luck Loretta! Although I'm sure you don't need it ;)

    We aren't going anywhere, so just do your thing!

  9. We'll be here, patiently waiting for you get back, Loretta. Best of Luck on your exam.

  10. I'll be ready to celebrate (with a virgin drink you can have mine ;P ) when you're all done!!! Love you babe!!

  11. All the best for your exam Loretta, I hope it all goes well for you xx

    See you when you return!

  12. Good luck with your exam, Loretta! You take all the time you need and concentrate on what is best for you and your family! Good luck with pack up all of your books and moving too :) I'll be thinking of you! xo

  13. Aww bless you hun. I am really angry with myself because i am way behind with EVERYTHING and i haven't checked your blog for a while and i have missed so many posts. You needed some reader supports and comments and i feel horrid that i have let you down really.

    What i want to say is that i completely understand, all your readers will understand because u r amazing and we love your videos and blog. Real life events are more important and come first and it's these kinda things that can't be put off. You could walk away and your blog be waiting when you get back, but, bless ya, you are scheduling posts etc, do not try and catch up on 14 reviews-they can wait. You are 1 super organised woman!! Is there anything you aren't fantastic at lol.
    Congrats with the house, so happy for you guys. Good job i haven't sent you my gift yet (my bookmarks for my blog) If you still want some, would you email me your address.Unless you keeping your old address-not sure how long they would take in the post though.I could send them ASAP u see.
    Anyways. Good luck on your exam, you will rock it!!! you have put hardwork in and you will be rewarded, proud of you :) ((((hugs))))


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