Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Q & A with Ashley the Zombie Queen

Today I have a very awesome Guest Interview; 
We all know her; She is the kick Ass blogger over @ The Bookish Brunette. Ashley, but today, she is The Zombie Queen and she is answering all of my Zombie-ish questions!

1.) So what is it about Zombies that you LOVE so much?
Seriously dude, it's the diversity.
The mass amount of diversity in zombie books, movies, games... Hell even TOYS! 

I can pick up a zombie book and it may be zombie horror, zombie comedy, zombie romance... Then there's movies like Dawn of the Dead, Zombieland and Night of the Living Dead. REALLY? Omg!
And it's the THRILL of, "HOLY SHIT, the zombie apocalypse could ACTUALLY happen." I mean honestly... It's not as if anyone is worried about the VAMPIRE apocalypse! 

2.) What would be your one liner, after you slayed a zombie?
"Duuuude. I just rocked your face off!" 
*flicks cigarette*

3.) What is you favorite line from your favorite zombie book?
I have two!!!
"I went all Kung-Fu on his zombie ass.
-Sarah from Married with Zombies 

"Kill the fuckers. That's the plan.
-Jenni from The First Days
4.) If you could be one character out of an apocalyptic book, which one.. & of course WHY?
Jenni from The First Days. No question
For 100 reasons... That would take WAY too long to go into during an interview! Lol But mainly because I AM Jenni already, without the zombies. ;) 

5.) Partner or no partner?
Depends on the partner I suppose... lol
To quote Talahassee from Zombieland,
"Here's the deal, I'm not easy to get along with and I'm sensing you're a bit of a bitch."

6.) What would be the ONE thing you would HAVE to grab out of your house, if an attack happened? (Your kids are safe, somewhere.. so they are out..hehe)
Hmmm... Probably nothing. Seriously. During a zombie apocalypse, my iPhone, laptop, kindle... All those would be useless with no wi-fi!

*ASHLEY, smokes dude... smokes!!*

7.) What would YOU wear? What would you be strutting around town in while you slaughter, the living dead?

Hmmm... Well as a FICTIONAL zombie slayer, I'd be rocking skin-tight black leather from head to toe! Knee high stilettos, elbow length gloves... A whole nine yards of sexy, badass awesome! 
But during an ACTUAL apocalypse, dude... I'm going to find some of those military grade combat boots, with steel toes. THICK ass camo, fatigue pants with a ton of pockets and lord only knows about the top... Probably depends on the area and weather! 

8.) And lastly… Will there be a Zombie Craze 2013? (Oh yes, here is Loretta HOPING you say YES)

Dude... HELL YES! :) I'm thinking of doing it a bit differently though... *winks

Thank YOU Ashley for hosting Zombie Craze, and eating our faces off with such epicness! 

In honor of such an amazing month filled with such AMAZING flesh eating awesomeness, I am showing you my 
Yes, you heard correct!
If there happened to be an ZOMBIE apocalypse.
These are the crucial things I would want/need to bring down 
those drooling bitches!

AND you must click on it... to see it's AWESOMENESS I MADE in FULL killing zombie force!!! =D

What would your strategy be? What would you do to fight off.... 


  1. Dude. You COMPLETELY JUST ROCKED MY FACE OFF!!! The Survival Guide is EPIC like whoa!!!!!


    I made one last year... I'll go search it and link you!!

  2. Found it!!!


  3. Hahah I love this interview! I never thought about the fact that a Zombie Apocalypse could actually really happen :O Omg I feel like my world has changed now. Lol. If I knew a Zombie Apocalypse was coming I'd like to say I'd shoot down all the zombies with my bow but in reality, I'd probably focus on cardio because I'd be running most of the time...

  4. Great Interview!!! Love the Survival Guide. Like the little comments all over. Especially the phone "Keep Calm - Kill Zombies"

  5. Love the poster, especially the little sidequotes! Great Interview! Ashley is just soo bad ass. I can totally see her be Jenni, maybe even more bad ass, than Jenni!

  6. OMG! I AM DYING OVA HERE! *flails arms and chokes on laughter* Firstly, I love Loretta's Zombie Guide. Zombies do be hatin, yo! Secondly, Ashley killed me with the Tallahassee line.

    Love you ladies!

  7. Yay for featuring Ash! I didn't know she smokes though!
    If zombies ever take over the world I'm moving to Kansas to have Ash protect my brain!

  8. If there's a zombie apocalypse I'm going wherever Ashley is!
    Seriously freaking entertaining post, DUDE! Loved it!

  9. I don't even know where to start on this post. It just rocks in every way!! Ash and I were totally talking about preparedness for the Zombie apocalypse earlier. And how my hubs would get his ass eaten and I wouldn't save him haha! I'm horrible, but dude, he so laughs at me about zombies. I will be prepared...he will be eaten.

  10. Buahahahaahahaha!! You chicks rock my face off!! This was badass SQUARED!!!!! And the line with the trucks, "They see me rollin', Zombies hatin'"!!! AWESOME!!!! And right! There better be some cramp meds during the apocalypse or I'm gonna be pissed!!


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