Sunday, May 13, 2012

Clock Rewinders (2)

Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge is where Tara @ 25 Hour Books and Amanda @ On A Bender, share the fantastic posts, giveaways, or whatever else we’ve found and loved by other awesome bloggers (or authors!) during the week, and talk about the books we plan on reading in the coming week.
Hey guys. I have realized 2 things. 1) Test date is coming soon. 2) It is a very very big test that I need to take very very seriously. What does this mean? 
Blogging will happen. But, I am finding it hard to post everyday like I normally do UNLESS it is scheduled. Or I have to get something up. Angela from Reading Angel, has the Page Count Contest which is amazing but I have read SO MUCH more because of that I am way behind on review!! So one day this week I NEED to get them all typed up and ready to go for you. 
I will be back to my normal self after 90 days. Which is when I can take the test, from now until 90 days. I am trying not to take it on the 90th... more like the 89th.. or sooner, but right now for me this is important!! 
So please be patient with me. 
Also, more family time. Having a book in my face 24/7 cannot happen. WHY? Because I have 2 beautiful kids, who like to do things other then sit in the house while I read & be bored. I have a hubby who likes to watch movies with me while I am sneaking to try to read!! So, when it is family time.. books are going to be put DOWN. Time is going really fast.. and how much I love reading I love doing things that do not include books. 
I just feel if I read all day I am not living, enough. So I am going to be reading.. DUH just not pushing myself to READ READ READ ALL DAY!! =D
That is all the announcements at BETWEEN THE PAGES.
Week Recap for Between The Pages:
A Little About My World This Week:
  • Studying..... Pharmacology I hate you
  • Spring Cleaning... phase 2!
  • Have learned that I DO NOT need to be "into" politics... because I do not like the president right now!
Around the Book Blogging Community:
The Bookish Brunette
Zombie Craze Continues @ THE BOOKISH BRUNETTE
Ashley @ THE BOOKISH BRUNETTE is looking for a SERIOUS Partner for the blog {HERE}

Amanda @ On a Book Bender is having the BOUT OF BOOKS Read-A-Thon
{Which starts TOMORROW! Sign up HERE
I "JUST" learned about this so I am going to sing up NOW!!

Isa @ BookSoulmates wrote a post about knowing the difference between genres {HERE}. 
This post I MAY or MAY not have inspired!! Check it out.

Married With Zombies READ-A-LONG starts in JUNE
The Information will be LIVE on each blog that is hosting MONDAY
So look for that here or any other blog named Monday. 
It will be LOADS of FUN & it is NOT your "normal" read-a-long
Between The Pages~ Hey!! That's me!!
Vampire Academy Graphic novel~ Yep, I read it. 
5 Star psd~ hmmm!? 
It's My Birthday~ Well it was. I hope whoever you are, you have a great day!
Stack Of Books~ I don't do this one. But I have a million stacks of books. 
Amy Carol Reeves ripper~  Good book I read. 
Beastly Lindys diary~ Novella of Beastly. Good addition.
Between The Pages Blog~ Hey there hey!!
bn ; , nbh~ WTF? What is this.. and how did it lead to me?! 
The giver by Lois Lowry~ Amazing book. I loved it. 
Books I Read This Week: 
This was a very slow week for my reading

Books I Bought This Week:

I hope that you have an amazing week! 


  1. Love your vlogs. I have crazy neighbors too! I can't wait to read Ashen Winter. I have that one as well and also, My Blood Approves was awesome. At least I thought it was. It was one of the first indie novels I ever read. I hope you enjoy it. Enjoy your books. :)

  2. Great selection of books! Thanks for the HU on the freebies!
    I need to get the two novella's for Throne Of Glass, too!

    Good Luck w/ studying! Pharm tech is a great job, I did it for a few yrs. Loved it!

    Happy Mother's Day!

    My STS

  3. Ooh, Halfway To The Grave is FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!
    Love my BONES!!! Hope your luvin' it!

  4. Good luck with your test! :) I'm sure you'll do great!


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