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As The World Dies: Untold Tales Vol. 1 by Rhiannon Frater

Paperback: 166 pages
Published: August 5th 2011 by Createspace
ISBN: 1441440461 
ISBN13: 9781441440464
Series: As The World Dies Untold Tales #1
Received: Bought (Kindle version)
Challenge: 2012 Goodreads Challenge, TBR Challenge
THE FIRST DAYS: AS THE WORLD DIES introduced Jenni and Katie and their harrowing journey to the makeshift fort in the Texas Hill Country.But theirs is not the only tale to be told.In the first volume of the AS THE WORLD DIES UNTOLD TALES experience three terrifying tales of those who are forced to face the unrelenting and hungry walking dead.Deep in the Texas Hill Country, a man and his little dog takes refuge in a bed and breakfast located in the hills above a doomed town where an infested rescue center might unleash the hungry undead…
On a deserted highway slicing through the desolation of West Texas, a woman struggles to survive as she faces the horrifying aftermath of the rise of the zombies…And finally, discover what happens on the first day to Katie’s beloved wife, Lydia, as the world dies…
I love that Rhiannon Frater wrote these short books that include some characters in the books you really do not get to learn about. Now you do, and I thought Vol. 1 was a great addition to read after reading the 1st book in the As The World Dies series The First Days. You will get to learn more about Lydia, Monica and Eric.
One of the characters that I really loved in The First Days that you don't really get to "know" about is Lydia. So I was ecstatic to read and learn about her!! I felt very strongly about her while reading The First Days, even though she was not really in the story, because she is of course dead. By the hands a zombie. After reading about Lydia, and now knowing what happened on that day, my heart is even more broken for Katie. My god. I am not one to cry while reading books. But, that little story about her touched my heart. Lydia's last word. *cries all over* You can understand more about how Katie is feeling, why she feels the way she does. Because of the love that her and Lydia had. And then for her to be taken away.. Literally I had goosebumps. 
We learn about Monica. Who is Juan's cousin. She is on the hunt for her family. Monica is kick ass in her huge monster truck. And she's not afraid to use it. Everything about her part in this short story was great. I love how I can picture Rhiannon's writing. Very vivid. Monica is siphoning gas from a car that had terrifying zombie children in there. But she soon realizes that there is a survivor. This survivor has lost all his marbles though. Watching his family turn into zombies was just to mush for him.
You will learn about Eric. He is taking his girlfriend who is also a bitch, on a vacation, along with the dog pepe, that she ungratefully didn't want any more. This is a time for them to be together without all of the distractions in the world now. TV, Phone, Cable, Internet. 
After hearing Brandy on the phone one night he learns more about his, bitch of a girlfriend, and what she has been doing, he also learns that these riots he heard about are not just simply riots. After Brandy's sister was attacked she decides to leave. Even though Eric is pleading with her to not go.. UMMMM HELLO STUPID GIRL. ZOMBIES ARE OUT THERE!! 
Of course this know-it-all fancy smancy girl is not listening to no one. She makes the decision they are leaving, only to leave Eric and pepe behind, stranded. At this point I literally called her every freaking horrible name I could think of.. After some major close zombiefied calls. He meets some people who are in search for a safe place they heard about. The fort. Making it there in one piece is the only thing they need to worry about. Will Eric and his new friends make it to Ashley Oaks human?
Rhiannon Frater knows how to write a book. Whether it is a full length novel, or a short story like this. She knows how to create something that will pull you in, completely. Even if you do not like reading short stories, I suggest if you are reading the As The World Dies series you should read these!! They are just as amazing as the full length novels, and they give so much more to the series. Filling in the missing pieces of the characters, and making you fall more in love with this zombie infested world, full of strong amazing characters, who will do whatever they need to do to live. Survive. 
Rhiannon Frater is amazing. Bottom Line.

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