Friday, October 21, 2011

TGIF Post (10/21)

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This week were are talking about:

Book Blogs That Make You Smile: Pick 5 book blogs you visit often & think others should, too.
Well, I COULD pick hundreds! Really! I have so many blogs that I really LOVE.
(Since you all ALREADY know how much I love Angela, Lori & Candace, I am going to pick 5 ones I love, but rarely get to shout out about, Deal?! ;])

1.) Pages of Forbidden Love

Alexa & Johnny are the bloggers for Pages of Forbidden Love! I love their blog because it is, Uh.. amazing! :) From the review, (which are given so much thought, and not so much of giving the details away) to the IMM vlog's which are hands down awesome! The battle of Water vs. Flavored Water will always be the Debate! :)(I choose water. regular.) Alexa is very nice, and I am glad that I found her blog! & very glad that she is now in my Twitterverse! Johnny is just all around hilarious. (And needs to read a certain book, please. So I can know if it is good! LOL)

Hands down. Pages of Forbidden Love will not let you down. Check out their blog!

2.) IBBookBlogging

Bailey is the blogger over at IBBookBlogging. I love the name of her blog. I B Book Blogging :) & a great blogger she is! I love her reviews! She always makes me want books that I don't have... and makes me break book buying bans because her reviews are that great! She is sweet, and has the kindest heart! I love her blog & I love her! If you have not been to her blog. Go there... now! :)
3.) Stalking the bookshelves

Shannon & Carrie are the bloggers for Stalking The Bookshelves. From the IMM's to the Reviews, Cover reveals. Etc.. you will not be let down. They are both very sweet, and great bloggers. They are sisters as well, which I think is very cool! Carrie is one of my Twitter BFF's. & They both help me out with signed books. They are simply AWESOME.Check out their blog!
4.) Smash Attack Reads

What is awesome about Ash? Everything. She is down to earth. & her blog is amazing! I don't even like Owls. (sorry ash, they scare the bajeevies out of me) But her blog design is awesome.
I love her weekly updates, which include HILARIOUS auto correct bloopers! (Never take those away! They makes my day). She doesn't rate her books any more which I find cool. & it is in consideration for myself as well! We will see. But I love her! Check out her blog.
5.) Reading Teen

Seriously, WHO does not love Reading Teen? If you do not, you are coo-coo! Really!
I look forward to the vlogs! Love them, love them!!! Hilarious is what they are. Reviews are amazing. Videos. The whole shebang! So, if you haven't (Which you should have) checked out Reading Teen then go do that... ok!!
I could go on & on & on! I love a lot of blogs & bloggers! 

Happy Friday guys! Thank you for your time.

Have a great weekend & Happy Reading.


  1. I am needing to go over to Pages of Forbidden Love RIGHT NOW because they sound awesome. The other blogs you listed are so great! I am making a rule for myself to comment on blogs more often and those ones are definitely on the list :)

  2. Aw you are awesome too Loretta. I'm so happy you love the blog! I will try to get Johnny to read the Lincoln Vampire book soon! :)
    Thank you for all the kind words you said about us.

  3. Thanks so much Loretta for including me & Carrie. We love your blog just as much as you love ours! :D


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