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Banned Books: How do you feel about the censorship of the freedom to read? Do you think the education system needs to be more strict on what children are exposed to in books?

I feel kids need to know things! Sheltering them from the world is not going to help when they DO get out in the world. Books are books. One topic could help 10 kids 10 different ways. And having them at school & the world is something .
Basically "these people who ban books" are saying "GIVE our kids no imagination. Don't let them learn about SEX, or Different types of relationships. That would be blasphemy!" Really?! I mean COME ON. Where do I start with how I feel about this!? I think BOTTOM LINE it's stupid. Unneeded. Waste of time. Uncalled for. STUPID & STUPIDER! (take that)
Speak has been considered "Soft pornography." It is a book dealing with rape. Yeah, so since when is RAPE soft porn? Soft porn is the crap you see on SHOWTIME late night. Not, when someone is getting something TAKEN from them, THAT they can not EVER get back. EVER!!!
So taking this out of schools is ok? So kids cannot know, or be aware of the predators that are out there, and what they can do?! That's ok!? No, it is really not!
Taking something away from someone. Knowledge. Is not keeping them safe. It's making them blind.
Keeping them sheltered. Because it happens! A lot. Hearing stories about people 
 rapists, is something we want!!!!

Harry Potter has been banned because of Witch Craft. While doing research I found a statement a teacher had made:
"The Bible is very clear and consistent in its teachings that wizards, devils and demons exist and are very real, powerful and dangerous and God's people are told to have nothing to do with them," (Passage HERE)
 Another saying:
"True Christians only touch a Harry Potter book when they are throwing it onto a fire" (Passage HERE)

So, because people read Harry Potter, we are no longer Christians? Because someone small minded told me that!? No one can determine that but your self, and reading Harry Potter isn't going to change that. Reading Harry Potter is not that same as DOING witch craft. Come on! 
So school boards, are taking Harry Potter out of schools because of Witch Craft. Right?! Because we as christian are not supposed to practice Witch Craft right?! Ok, tell me this. Why do they care? Aren't they trying to take god out of schools?! Some schools do not even say the Pledge of Allegiance, if any... because it says  "Under God". They don't want to offend those that don't believe in God, or have other religion. So, that makes perfect sense right!? No. None actually. 
I will not keep these books from my son. It will be on our reading list in the future. After I read it of course. Because I have not yet. SHAME ON ME!! 

GOOSEBUMPS O.o WHAT? Goosebumps have been banned because "exhilarating spooky adventures"!!!!!  Monsters and spooky things is what gets kids into reading. Because these are not books that will have them hiding under their bed. Screaming into the night. NO. They are fun, "slightly" spooktastic reads for kids! I grew up on Goosebumps! I would love to find the whole series for my kids!
 "the books might provoke harmful thoughts or behavior and erode respect for people and property" (Passage HERE)
 “If you want to encourage kids to read, you let them do it. You give them books or magazines that interest them. They can be reading absolute drivel and still learn vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar. Yes, they’re a little scary – which is why they’ve been challenged over the years. But a generation of boys growing up without books on their shelves is enough to give me nightmares.” — Jean Strager (Passage same as ABOVE)
 At least someone has a brain!

I could go on & on with this ridiculousness! Really it pisses me off.
Each book has a AGE GROUP! I am not saying give The Hunger Games to Kindergartners! 
Each and every parent who has went to the board and complained and eventually got a book banned from a school. From a kid. Shame on you. Shame on you for taking that right away from other kids! 
In China (I am not sure of anywhere else, maybe US too?) but The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland was BANNED because animals acted as humans. He: 
"believed that attributing human language to animals was an insult to humans. He feared that the book would teach children to regard humans and animals on the same level, which would be "disastrous." (Passage HERE)

I mean see what I am talking about!? This stuff is CRAZY!  
What I am saying is DO NOT take books away. Parent consent forms. Do something other than TAKE the book away from every kid. Because we have the right to read. We have the right to speak. Do not take the RIGHT away. 


  1. That Alice in Wonderland one had me giggling. Seriously?!
    Yeah, people are so close- minded and stupid. It can be really frustrating. I grew up in a VERY strict religious home. We didn't have a tv and didn't listen to music, anything. But my mom seemed quite different when it came to books. She kind of turned a blind eye to it. I read adult books by middle school on a regular basis and she rarely said anything. My aunt told her that the V.C. Andrews books I was devouring weren't really appropriate for a 12 year old and my mom told me what my aunt said but she never told me I couldn't read them. It was like her hint to me to read them in private but not let her and my dad see me when I did it. I learned pretty much everything from books since I grew up in such a sheltered home.
    Seems like people would know by now that trying to ban a book just makes it MORE popular.

  2. I feel the same way! Sheltering children from sensitive topics doesn't help in them understanding/dealing with some rough things that may or may not happen in the community they live in.

    That being said, it really is the parents' job to get involved and try to make sure that their kids are reading stuff that are appropriate for their level of maturity and understanding.

  3. Loretta! You and I are so like minded!

    I have to admit, some of what I've read on certain blogs has been a bit shocking to me! Censorship is okay, libraries should only stock classics because they're 'real', etc... needless to say my mouth has hung open a few times!

    I wrote a similar post, lol, not as great as yours but similar!

    Great post, I loved it and agree!

    Kristi-The Book Faery

  4. @Candace: I was the same way. I read all kinds of adult books. It wasn't an issue in my home.

    @Alexa: I feel there are different ways to approach the book ban, before the BAN. There are age groups for books. Parents can consent to book. But taking them out the the school period. Not acceptable. In my eyes, that is.

    @Kristi: I just feel very strongly about this. Taking it completly out of a school is taking the rights away from others because ONE parent didn't like it. Maybe that KID did. grrr. :) Thank you for agreeing with me! :)


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