Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Stew

Sunday Stew was created by Books Devoured
Here is my Sunday Stew for this week (7/31)

Book Mark of the Week:
MY camera cord has been misplaced so I cannot upload my picture at this time. Maybe I will find it. Eeeek
BUT, I am using the Shattered Souls bookmark this week. It is beautiful :)

Around The Web:
The Only thing I know of that is going on in our blogosphere is MY BLOGOVERSARY!
Yes, that's right. My blog turned 1 today!! 
So, would you like to come celebrate with me? Of course you do!
Click HERE to go join the party. It's my Blogoversary, I'll have a giveaway if I want to!!!

Around Me:
Me, I have been reading. Posting more. & Just enjoying my kids.. and SUMMER! Because sadly, it is coming to an end sooner then I wish. :( 
So, enjoy your time now. It wont be to long and we will be wearing those boots again, Freezing :|
My daughter recently turned 3! So, that was fun. She LOVES Toy Story. So she had a cowgirl Toy Story birthday. She loved it. She was surprised. I am so very thankful for my babies! They make each day so much fun. 
My Princess in her new wagon! :)

Me & Lilah taking a stroll :)

 Thank you for stopping by. I hope that your day is as beautiful as you :)! What is going on in your world. Tell me about it. Until next time:
Peace | Love | Books


  1. Dear Loretta,

    OMGosh! Lilah is such a beauty - but then again, what did I expect, her momma's a beauty as well! :D

    I absolutely love those pics of you and her, and CONGRATULATIONS on the Blogoversary, dahling!

    I'm sorry about your camera being misplaced. I went picture (and True Blood) crazy this Sunday. Make sure to check out my ~Sunday Stew~ post! :D Enjoy your sunday and your summer, love <3


  2. I love the Shattered Souls bookmark. It is gorgeous!

    I am also sad that summer is coming to an end. =( That means less reading and more studying and doing homework when school starts. YUCK.

    AND Happy Blogoversary!!!

    One last thing: Lilah is so precious! You have a such a beautiful and sweet daughter!!

  3. Loveee the pic of you and your baby girl =) So cute!!


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