Tuesday, August 24, 2010


PAPERBACK: 240  Pages
ISBN: 978-1-4169-9608-8[pbk.]
ISBN: 978-1-4169-9671-2[e-book]
Received From: Purchased Myself.
RATING: 4 Roses

The Clock Is Ticking...
Ollie can't be bothered to care about anything but girls, until he gets his Deathday Letter and learns he's going to die in twenty-four hours. Bummer

Ollie does what he does best: nothing. Then his best friend convinces him to live a little, and go after Ronnie, the girl who recently trampled his about-to-expire heart. Ollie turns to carloads of pudding and over-the-top declarations, but even playing the death card doesn't work. All he wants is to set things right with the girl of his dreams. It's now, or NEVER....

My Thoughts.
This was a good book. I mean at the very beginning the author lets you know, that Ollie is going to die. There is no miricale or magic to keep him alive. He IS GOING to die. And he does, it's so very sad yes. I am glad that he got to get things right. With everyone. Before he died. BUT, I want to know what the heck's up with this Deathday Letter thing. Where's it comming from? & why are people recieving letters? IDK, but, that would be crazy to recieve one of thoes in the mail. What if you don't check your mail that day? Wow, hopefully its marked as "urgent mail" and deliverd right to the door.
Ollie is your "typical" 15 year old... and theres really one thing on the boys mind.... Yeah, you know. But, With in his 24 hr journey he realizes somethings. That maybe everything isn't always about him. Even though this is his "day". Sometimes it's about how other people feel. & ollie realizes this, and fixes things with Ronnie. This book was good, fast read. Something to read, I enjoyed it while i was reading.


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