Saturday, July 31, 2010

My name is Loretta Lynn. I was inspired to start a reading blog. I love reading, it makes me feel very good to grab a book; and a blanket and read all day! Those are the days, but seeing as how I am a mother of 2, those days don't come often. I read between diapers, feedings, playing, homework, boo-boos, and the list of housework I do daily. My husband is a coal miner. So, needles to say I do allot of the "to-do" list alone! But, I am very grateful for my husband who works his butt off to take care of us. I am enrolled at ACT to take the 1 year pharmacy tech program. That starts Aug 2010! I am so very excited! They are night classes which is a bigger excitement!
I have been reading since I was little. I have always love it! My mom tells me that she would buy me picture books. & that i would tell stories for hours. Then when I started reading that I always had my face in a book. I remember the 1st "ADULT" novel that I read. I was in 9th grade. I was so consumed in this book. The love of the characters. Secrets by Brenda Joyce. Regina & Slade were the main characters. This book was great! And if your into Historical Romance Novels, this is one to pick up! I love reading romance books. Anything to do with Love. But I also love reading books about other things. I love the writings of Nicholas Sparks! Absolutely love him! James Patterson, Sandra Brown, Charline Harris, Stephenie Meyer, Jackie Collins, Gayle Forman, Lee Child, Lisa See, and MANY MANY more! Gayle Forman, this is a author i never heard of before. I was in Walmart looking for a new read. And this book just kept calling me. I would pick it up, set it down. I read the back, and said what the heck. That night when i got home i stared it. I was taken over by this book. It keeps your attention. From cover to cover. I give it 5*'s! What would you do if you had to choose? Life, or death........ This was a beautiful novel. Deals with love & tragedy!
I plan to keep you updated on what I am reading. Weather it was good or bad. My take and my opinion on the writing. I am just starting, and i hope that my blog will become a big success. And hope that you enjoy my readings. & if you have any books that you would like me to read. Or that you think are great reads and want to share. Let me know. I am always up for a good read. A book that's so hard to put down! :)

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